Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our First Home!

On 5/28. N and I purchased our first home just outside of Raleigh, NC. Its a 1600sq 3bed/2bath with a 2 car garage. Moving day was on 5/29, and for the most part was uneventful. We did discover that it would be ~2 weeks until we got our washer and dryer. Luckily we still have access to the old townhouse and can do laundry.

We were so excited about having our own place and wanting to make our "mark" on it. So... we decided to paint the master closet the first night. =0) It looked like it had never been painted and was scratched up and damaged. The previous owners left a can of paint in there that matched the master bedroom. Considering N free-handed around the trim, I'd say that we did a pretty good job.
It took only 24 hours of owning the house before we had a laundry list of both supplies we would need and things we wanted to upgrade or fix. We've quickly learned that Home Depot will become our new favorite store. We started out at Lowes, but in our area the HD has a better selection, better help, and in most cases better prices.
Most of the first weekend was spent moving in and getting situated. My parents were gracious enough to get us a lawn mower as a housewarming present. N was really excited to try it out. For now he's loving the idea of yard work - we'll see how long it lasts.
N also purchased and installed our over-the-range microwave. The place we were renting had one, so we no longer owned a microwave. And with limited counter space in the kitchen we decided to put one in instead of clogging up space. N doing the installation is a fairly big deal - as we are both just learning how to be handy and fix things ourselves. There were a few times I thought he was going to drop the microwave, and I definitely heard a few "uh-ohs" in the process. When I found out that he was going to have to add an electrical outlet in the cabinets over the stove, I was fairly nervous. He admitted he wasn't sure what he was doing, but we'd "see what happens". With the help of Google I can say that all was successful, and we saved the ridiculous installation fee of $140.

Blurry,messy before pic:
All in all a good first week, even if it was insanely busy.

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