Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hot Hot Hot!!

Our original plan this weekend wasn't to work in the yard, but thanks to our dog Peanut and his Houdini antics, our plans changed.
This is Peanut: And this was the problem: The yard slopes here, and the previous owners used a mesh screen to keep their larger dog from digging out. However our 20lb dog could squeeze under the mesh. N decided a patio/walkway would be the best solution so that the gate could still open but not wash out from the front yard drainage.

After 1+ hours in Home Depot finding blocks that go together and a pattern that gave us the right size, we had our plan.
Stringing out the form:Laying the pavers:All done! The plan is to extend it as a walkway in the backyard to the deck, but we're going to hold off until it's a bit cooler out. =0)

My job was to work on the mess in the front planting bed...but after battling 1000's of baby spiders I unearthed and trying to keep N from overheating not much progress was made. We also worked on cleaning out/cleaning up the old house. I will be so glad when we can stop going back and forth!


  1. It was really hot this weekend and even with the hole mostly dug, it was really hard work, but seeing the before and after pictures, I'm so glad we did that. The old solution was such an eyesore.

  2. The little walkway looks fantastic! What a great solution to the problem.