Sunday, July 11, 2010


We've spent any free-time during the weekends on finally getting the house together. We now have a 90% completed living room! If you look under the chair rail, you'll notice that one corner is brown and the other is not. The plan is to finish the painting by the end of this week.

Large couch:

Love seat and the front window:

Mounted tv and the two bookcases Nick built. I love them - as we can display our books and create a bit of storage for the video games, controllers, and the dog's toys.

The brown wall close up. I think this is really going to make the room pop!

We're planning to hang a few more pictures on either side of the tv as well - and then it will be done!

Birthday Surprises!

My birthday was on June 12, which was a Saturday this year. We went camping with my parents and my oldest sister, and had a great time. This meant that it was the next weekend before my parents gave me my gift.

I got... rocking chairs for the front porch! It was a few weeks before we got them together, but here they are in all their glory!

My mother-in-law gave me two ferns to hang up as well. They've taken a bit of a beating with the heat the past couple of weeks, but are starting to rebound back.

I want to find a small white wood table to put in the middle. Then I'll put my lime green coffee cup planter there with either a vine or a few flowers... and my front porch will be complete!