Thursday, June 10, 2010


We knew when we put an offer on the house that we would need to purchase a washer and dryer. I was really excited about this, as most of the ones I've used are either older than I am or extremely overused. After tons of research (and the help of the Energy Star rebates and sales) we picked some out! We went with the Whirlpool Cabrio set - the washer is a top loader HE with a low agitator. The dryer... is just awesome. =0)

We originally scheduled a delivery date in mid June, as this was our closing date. The sellers wanted to move up closing by two weeks, and we agreed. N called and changed our delivery date... or so we thought. We realized on the day that they were to be delivered that we hadn't heard from the company. N started calling around, and found out that not only was the date not changed, but that the washer and dryer hadn't arrived from the warehouse yet! The store was pretty backed up from the rebate, and we nor the sales guy anticipated this.

After two long weeks - we finally have them =0)They are so pretty and awesome.

We did not know, however, that the fridge would need to be replaced sooner rather than later. We knew it was an older model and on the small side, but figured (and hoped) that we could get a year or two out of it. We've quickly learned that its REALLY small and is rusting through on the underside of the fridge compartment.

(That's marinating meat, not a science project)

The offending rust spots, after Dad filled the holes with caulk. Its better than the water pouring out, but it does still leak

Due to wall placement a larger traditional fridge is not an option. This leaves us with french door or a side by side. I am NOT a fan of side by sides, but N finds the additional price for the french door style to be a bit much. We're still hashing it out for now and trying to deal for at least a few more months, but this is the one that I like and will fit. =0)

In a white finish, the white in the pic doesn't show up as well. Its a 22.2 cubic ft GE Profile.

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